Do you wonder why some people are growing and making huge strides in their online businesses? Are you one of those who work your butt off to get nowhere? If you are then this post is one you need to read and act on. It’s going to tell you about an all New Stretch Yourself Challenge with Kelly McCausey that will bring you out of your comfort zone so you can take your online business to the next profitable level.

Before I tell you about the challenge I want to tell you a little bit about Kelly. Many of you have probably heard of her. She’s a huge presence on the Internet and one of the best there is when it comes to growing a business and helping others grow theirs. Her Solo Smarts business is growing and growing. Check it out if you have a free second.

She started online in 2002 creating websites and graphics and it didn’t take her long to realize she could build herself a larger income online. She has a blog, a podcast, runs a membership site, sells PLR, holds live retreats, coach’s others and much more. She knows her stuff and she does it well. Google her to see just how far she has comes since her days of doing work for others.

All New Stretch Yourself Challenge With Kelly McCausey

Now on to the all New Stretch Yourself Challenge with Kelly McCausey. She has been doing this challenge for 5 years. She knows it’s tough to build a profitable online business. She also knows that it takes a big push to get us to go beyond our comfort zone so we can move forward. Moving beyond our comfort zone is something we must do if we expect to grow so she’s trying to make that process a little easier.

If you join this Stretch Yourself Challenge you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who are also moving in areas that can be a little uncomfortable but necessary. Plus, you’ll have Kelly right there with you every step of the way.

She’s broken this challenge down to 11 individual steps. By following these steps you’ll clarify and sharpen your online presence, expand your reach, amplify your message and embrace your place as a thought leader.

Your challenge will include:

• 8 Group Challenge Sessions with Special Surprise Guests
• 2 Open Phone Sessions
• Community Group
• Weekly Competitions
• Special Incentives a
• Rewards
• And more…

Plus, you’ll get her Content Challenge Workbook with checklists, samples and templates. The workbook covers several important topics including:

1. What Content Marketing Is
2. Your Reach
3. Preparing Your Web Presence
4. Internal Resistance
5. Deleting, Recycling and Upcycling Your Blog Content
6. Being a Finisher
7. When the Going Gets Rough
8. 11 Challenges
9. 2 Pre-challenges
10. And much more…

Sometimes we must stretch ourselves right out of our comfort zone. It’s not easy but with the help of Kelly and others who are struggling you can do it. This Stretch Yourself Challenge starts on Monday April 3, 2017 so don’t wait to grab your spot.

kindle templates

Yesterday we told you guys about a great offer that would help you get your Kindle book idea up and going. Today we came across another great deal that can help make it even faster for you. Melissa from Time Freedom Business released these Kindle Templates to make creating your own book easier.

In this Kindle Pack you’ll get 7 templates that cover everything from research to publishing. There’s even one that helps with you marketing your book. There’s a lot that goes into creating your own Kindle book and the more help you have the easier it will be.

The first template in this huge pack covers research and brainstorming your ideas. Next she helps you with writing your author bio. I don’t know about you guys but I have a really hard time writing about myself. I know it’s one of the most important parts of the book but I always struggle with it. With this template you will have a bio page that is sure to be a winner. The third template is set up to help you do the outline of your book. With an outline you’ll see your book come together faster and more efficiently.

The Kindle Book Template is set up so you can actually write your book on the pages. The format of your book is very important if you want it to be accepted and with this template and the formatting template she’s included your book will come together much faster as well as being formatted correctly.

Then she moves on to a Kindle Marketplace Listing template. When you list your book on the Kindle marketplace it helps buyers to determine if your book is one they want to purchase. So yes this is very important in your marketing strategy. She gives you key points and an example to go by.

The last one is a publishing checklist. There are a lot of steps when it comes to publishing your Kindle book and sometimes it can get very confusing. With this template you’ll get the help need when it comes to pricing your book, publishing it, marketing it and more.

I really like these templates and they go perfect with the package we told you about yesterday. Now here’s the best part. If you grab them before the end of the day Friday, they will only cost you $11.00! Not a bad price for all these valuable Kindle Templates! I’m going to pick them up and I think if you are really interested in creating an income with Kindle Books you should too.

Head on over their now before you forget. This is a valuable package, at low price and I promise these Kindle Templates Will Make Creating Your Own Book Easier! Kindle books can be very profitable. There’s a lot of people who are making a nice income from them especially with children’s books. Why not give it a try? With yesterday’s pack and this Kindle Template pack you’ll have everything you need!

Huge Kindle Publishing Pack Sale-Only $17

kindle publishing pack sale

I’ve wanted so desperately to create my own Kindle Cookbooks. I have to admit that I didn’t get very far with it. Why? Because it was confusing! I could write the cookbooks and create the covers but when it came to setting it all up and getting the sales I was at a loss. If I could have found some real, quality help I might have been able to accomplish my goal but there wasn’t much out there to help me. Now I believe that I have finally found that help. Yes, I’ll probably buy this pack for my own personal use because it’s full of all the information I need to make my dream a reality. You can also get in on this Kindle Publishing Pack Sale for $91 Off The Entire Bundle! This Kindle Package is perfect for anyone with a desire to make money with Kindle Books.

This huge bundle comes from Alice and her team at DIY PLR and it’s well worth every discounted penny if you can use it. Kindle has become a huge avenue for those who want to write and publish their own work. It’s a great way to make some dough too. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are generating a nice little income from their own Kindle work. Why not get in on a share of that money? With this Kindle Publishing Pack Sale information, you can.

This informative bundle contains 4 reports, 4 checklists and more. The reports are full of very informative information that you can learn from and put to use right away. Report number 1 is a step-by-step guide to Kindle publishing. Report number 2 is about profiting from Kindle singles. The third report covers a very popular subject-children’s books and the last report is about leveraging the Kindle Book Marketplace. The 4 checklist are a perfect for helping you stay on track.

This Kindle Publishing Pack Sale is a pretty good one. It would normally cost you $108 if you bought each report separately. That’s a lot of cash to put out but it won’t cost you anything close to that if you act quickly. Now through Wednesday October 19 you can pick up all this quality content for $91 off that huge price. For just $17 you can have all this information to use and learn from. No coupon codes are necessary. Just click right here Kindle Pack to grab it at this very low price.

Kindle is a great way to generate income. So many people are doing it as a way to create extra income and some are even using it to make ALL their income. Now you can have the same opportunity. Check out this Kindle Publishing Pack before it’s too late. It’s full of quality information that I intend to take advantage of. I think once you see it you’ll want to jump on the Kindle Publishing track too.

Last Chance To Sell More Products Books And More


We wanted to get this one out to you guys one last time so this post is going to be short and sweet so you can get over there and grab your spot. It’s your Last Chance To Sell More Products, Books And More.

Monday’s here, so don’t let it go by without getting your Best Sellers Summit All Access Pass. Today is the last day to get in on this very special pricing that gives you access to all the recordings, transcripts and notes all from two of the best, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba. Plus, you get the professional help from some of the best writers, marketers and more on the Internet. It really is your Last Chance To Sell More Products, Books And More

Here’s a small list of what you’ll learn from this summit:

• Monetizing your book launch and building authority
• Growing your continuity income with membership siteswhwbstslrssmtbnr
• Growing your traffic and audience for free through blogging
• Writing your book in 30 days with just 1 hour’s work per day
• Developing your copywriting skills and sell more products
• 7 ways to sell more of your books in less time
• Adding video and audio to your Kindle books for interactivity
• Product creation, content and copywriting to grow a loyal audience
• Developing your author’s signature speech
• Repurposing your content to grow your audience and establish your expertise
• Publicity secrets to boost your reputation and credibility
• How to create a New York Times Bestseller
• Building your podcast and leveraging the iTunes platform
• How to write and sell a #1 selling children’s book
• Branding for writers and publishers

The information from this summit will be helpful to anyone who wants to have a growing online business. If you are the least bit interested in this special offer you need to check it out right now. It’s gone tonight at 11:59 PM. Go now because this is your Last Chance To Sell More Products, Books And More! It’s a special price that everyone can afford as long as you grab it now. Please don’t miss this one!

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